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Technical Sales & Business Development – Systems


We are looking for motivated professionals with a technical background to help bring our unique AI-in-Sensor technologies to market.  

Candidates will have at least 3 years of experience selling system solutions in building automation, retail analytics, or automated security.

The position will require extensive travel.  Preferred locations include Houston, Texas or Ft. Myers, Florida.  

The position prefers a BSEE or equivalent.

Machine Learning Engineer MTS & SMTS


We’re growing our team — if you’re a high-energy, self-starting engineer with hands on experience with Artificial Intelligence, then AIStorm is the place for you. 

-Develop solutions for real-world, using Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning; and help team minimize the parameters and design the best network for audio and imaging applications

-Develop models for Audio and Imaging applications in domains such as: audio recognition, computer vision, etc. and interdisciplinary domains


-MS or PhD degree in Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, or related technical field.

-Ideal candidate will be skilled in audio and image processing, and machine learning applications.

-Working experience with Deep Learning using Tensor Flow, Cafe and other AI software.

-Hands on Python and Matlab experience.

-Technically oriented, proactive, and enthusiastic, with extreme attention to detail.

AIStorm’s Principles

“These principles are adapted from those of one my mentor’s, Jack Gifford, and they were the basis of his success. It is the responsibility of everyone working for AIStorm to reflect on these principles and ensure they are applied every day in everything we do – they above all else will lead to our corporate success!” – David Schie, Chairman & CEO

1. Don’t accept the status quo.
Do not accept a situation just because it has always been that way; find a way to improve it and go beyond the results of the past.
2. Question everything and everybody.
Don’t accept a solution or procedure just because you were told that is the way it is or the way it must be done. Question your supervisor, because they and I can be wrong, because we do not always know the facts as you do. We need you to keep us straight.
3. Stand up for what you believe to be right and expect to be criticized.
Make your opinions known; do not be silent regarding things that you believe are wrong or you don’t understand. Every employee has the right to stand up for their position, question others, and even criticize the work of others including superiors. At AIStorm this is encouraged – don’t take offense if you are on the receiving end. Defend your position politely and with facts.
4. Do not waste time on politics.
Some individuals may from time to time lose sight of our principles and become unfocused on the goals that need to be achieved. Do not let them waste your time; be polite and move on.
5. Try as hard as you can.
Always give 100% effort to everything you do. Nobody should ever be let go or fear for their jobs, even if it results in a serious mistake, if they have given their best effort.
6. Don’t give up until you’ve won.
Never sell yourself short of achieving the results you want. The most important accomplishments occur through perseverance, not brilliance.
7. When you work, get a result. Don’t waste your time.
Focus on what you want to accomplish and work toward that goal. Don’t hesitate to modify the project so that your work will have a useful and not wasted result.
8. Work as a team; accept and offer encouragement and criticism without fear.
Get help as soon as and whenever you can. The sum of the parts is greater than the whole when there is teamwork.
9. Be proud of your results.
Be proud of what you achieve. Communicate your results so that they can be followed, valued, and used by others.
10. Give credit; don’t plagiarize.
Always give credit to the individuals who help you. This is the key to Principle #8. Your teammates will make you successful if you give them credit.
11. Teach—pass on knowledge.
This principle must be met in order to be promoted within AIStorm. The ability to pass on knowledge to others is the key to a civilization’s and our company’s survival.
12. Don’t intentionally miscommunicate, not communicate, or lie.
Changing facts, not communicating the whole story, or lying will lead AIStorm in an incorrect, fatal direction. It is the only principle whose violation will result in immediate termination.
13. Make a decision & take direction enthusiastically once a decision is reached.
No decision is a decision, so make sure you make one. If a decision is made by your management, don’t take decisions that go against you personally. After a decision has been reached, each member of the team must work toward this goal in order to ensure a successful result.

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