Ultra High-Speed Imager with Pulse Pixel

Cheetah's Revolutionary Capabilities

AIStorm’s Ultra High-Speed Cheetah is a 20×44 high speed imager with proprietary pulse pixel implementation. The total image read time is 4.5us. Each pixel is converted to an 8-bit digital signal through a high-speed proprietary interface, boasting a possible frame rate of 10kFPS. An Integrated LED driver is provided which can support up to 40mA LED current with programmable linear and PWM dimming control.

Key Features
20×44 Ultra High Speed Imager

– up to 10kFPS
Charge-Sensor Pixel Imager
– Direct pixel charge processing
– Charge to digital conversion
On board power management
4 High speed 8 bit parallel digital I/Os for pixel data output (32 I/Os total)
SPI Interface
On board VCO and PLL
72 pin OLGA 6.4×6.4mm
LED driver supporting internal and external PWM control (up to 40mA)
PWM driver for generating external negative bias voltage
Four configurable GPIO’s

Gamer Mouse Frontend · High Speed Tracking · High Speed Inspection ·
High Speed Assembly · Bar Code Readers ·  Semiconductor Inspection · PCB Inspection

Evaluation Platforms

Cheetah Evaluation Board

Cheetah – Golf Application

Ultra High-Speed Cheetah watching a golf ball fly by and a facet on the front of a golf club fly by.  Using Cheetah, customers can use the speed and angle information to create images to predict where the ball is going to go through the end user’s cell phone.  All of this would be possible with 5kfps and at a fraction of our competitions cost.


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