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Our backers include a group of more than forty investors, including one of the world’s leading suppliers of authentication systems, one of the world’s largest CIS image sensor manufacturers, a leading food service equipment supplier owning many of the world’s best known brands, a leading wearable OEM company and many others.

Our investors are also our customers.

Our partners are leaders in their fields offering AIStorm unique access to properly define solutions and the technology needed to outperform competitors.

Our team is comprised of engineering, manufacturing and business leaders from the semiconductor industry and has collectively produced more than one thousand SoCs for industry leading semiconductor companies. We know how to define, develop and manufacture microchips.

AIStorm is based in Houston, TX with locations in Silicon Valley, Ohio, and New Hampshire, as well as international offices in Austria, Taiwan, and Hungary.

Board of Directors

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For more information, contact sales@aistorm.ai or call 281-888-9537

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