AIStorm is the pioneer of charge domain processing focusing on AI-in-Sensor solutions.  AIStorm’s method of AI processing is different than any other company.  We are not a GPU, neuromorphic or process in memory (PIM) company & our performance and power savings cannot be matched by those solutions.  The benefits of charge domain processing are:

LOWEST POWER –  The lowest power MACs (multiply and add circuits) developed to date

REAL ALWAYS ON – Always-On with real AI algorithms rather than triggers like IR motion sensors

LOW COST – Lower cost than competitors due to exceptional recursive capabilities

HIGHEST PERFORMANCE – Faster per frame execution than any competitive technology

DIRECT SENSOR COUPLING – Enables high speed imaging & AI solutions that outperform competitive approaches

AI-in-SENSOR – Minimizes complexity, size, cost and time to deployment

                                                                                  BEST OF ALL THESE SOLUTIONS ARE SHIPPING TODAY!

AI-in-Sensor Edge ICs

for Imaging, Audio, Motion & Biometrics

AI-in-Sensor Imager ICs
Imager, AI, AEC, power management, LED Driver, Bluetooth & WIFI, ARM processor - all on one chip
• AI Enabled High Speed Imaging
Imagers capable of 0 to 260,000 frames per second for facial recognition and machine vision
• Audio KWS & Sound Spotter ICs
Key Word and Phrase Spotting (KWS), Sound Spotting such as Gunshot, Glass Break or Baby Crying
• Biometric Extraction AFE ICs
Heart, EEG, EOG, Muscle ID with highest CMRR and signal capture for wearables, automotive and textiles
• AI-in-Sensor Vibration Solution ICs
Industrial, infrastructure and machine reliability monitoring for
wearables, automotive and textiles

Wireless Modular Solutions

for Building Automation, Retail & Security

Face Recognition Imagers
Wirelessly networked facial recognition networked imagers
• Always on Sentry Imagers
Offering continous AI monitoring in busy environments
for up to two years on a battery with Bluetooth and Wifi

• User Defined Virtual Barriers
Define areas and objects of interest for person counting, attention
and traffic analytics

• Inventory Monitoring
Maintain real time inventory and theft protection using flat
shelf monitors which can last up to two yrs on a charge

• Always-On Audio Monitoring Solutions
Keyword, phrase and sound spotting solutions

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A Different AI Processor

based on charge & more like the human brain

• Precision Charge Domain Processing
Uses precision methods from the world of pixels, multiplying electrons directly resulting in higher efficiency & peformance than PIM or Digital AI
• Eliminates Analog to Digital Converters
Accepts pixel and sensor information directly without the need for analog
to digital conversion unlike PIM or Digital AI

• Elimates 70% of Memory vs. Digital
GPUs process over thousands of cycles requiring many memory moves between operations while AIStorm can process the same in one cycle
• True Always-On AI without a Trigger
The only AI solution capable of operating years on a battery while per-forming continuous AI in a busy environment also minimizing latency
• Programmable using Standard Techniques
Programmable using standard instructions and tools while outperforming neuromorphic solutions


AIStorm, Inc.

No digitizing. No latency. No distortion. No bus. No power — almost. No problem. AI-in-Sensor. 


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