Intelligent AI-in-Image Sensor
with integrated Bluetooth & Wifi

MantisConnect Revolutionary Capabilities

MantisConnect is an “always on,” AI-in-Imager solution for IoT applications in busy areas where IR triggered cameras have a short battery life, or where IR beam sensors or ultrasound detectors have traditionally been used.  MantisConnect is low resolution to protect privacy and reduce power, and designed to minimize development time, area and power for rapid real-world deployment.  MantisConnect includes a CIS imager, inference AI engine, AEC (automatic exposure control), power management (including on board DC/DC), timing control, an ARM Cortex M3 microcontroller, ultra low power Bluetooth & Wifi, a crypto engine, 8 Mbits of Flash memory, real time clock, and decoupling capacitor.  The only external parts required are a lens (which may be specified and made part of the package with a minimum order quantity), crystal oscillators and antenna components. 

MantisConnect is a “code zero” device offering AI network building blocks which may be combined to build arbitrary AI solutions.  A number of pre-existing AI solutions may be downloaded from the AIStorm website for rapid deployment.  Solutions are available for Trusted Customer retail, retail analytics traffic and interest monitoring, person tracking, face detect, gesture control, fall detect, building automation, inventory control, suspicious behavior monitoring, door control, people counting, hygiene compliance and virtual barrier sensing.

MantisConnect is available in a 8.6x5x1.1mm 66 pin OLGA package.


96×96 Pixel AI-in-Imager

Low power sensor pixel imager with on-chip integrated AI processing

Best in class battery life in busy environments – many times longer than a motion sensor based camera.

8.6x5mm OLGA Package

Imager FOV up to 90 degrees with Thin Lens

SPI Interface

– load weights & configuration
– upload or download an image
– read system status

On board power management with on chip wakeup sequencer for external system wakeup

LED Driver: Current and PWM programmable up to 40mA

Single 3.3V supply or optional external 1.8V supply input

Digital control I/O lines configurable for 1.8V or 3.3V operation

Programmable GPIOs

Built in programmable AI functionality for both always on and post wakeup

Multiple Starter Models:
– face detect
– people counting
– male vs. female
– classification
– occupancy detection
– animal vs. person
– age




True “always on” where the pixels are part of the neural network

MantisConnect Block Diagram

People Counting · Face Detection · IR Beam Replacement · Behavior Monitoring · Activity Monitoring ·
Wellness Monitoring · Smart Cities · Eye Tracking · Key Word Spotting · Pupil Dilation · Noise Monitoring · Sound Identification · Vibration Monitoring · Object Detection


Evaluation Platforms


The AISC100A-C-EVB01 show above provides all components required to evaluate the AISC100A Mantis AI-in-Sensor imager.  The board includes a USB interface, PCB antenna, antenna components, oscillators, communications header and LEDs.  A mount for a standard lens holder is provided, however, thin lenses (1-3mm) are available with a FOV of up to 90 degrees which may be part of the OLGA package if specified at the time of ordering.


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