Through Screen Fingerprint Sensor

Augmented Transportation

Security & Traffic Cameras

A Warehouse Security Camera

A digital system watching the door in the background could easily miss an intruder due to the need to continuously poll different areas of the image. Otherwise, complicated interface schemes are required. AIS offers true event driven operation that can allow years of operation on a single battery.

Digital systems need complex arbiters to ignore background information like trees, cars, rain, snow, wind, clouds, debris, etc. and focus on faces. With AIS the cost and complication of digital processing is not needed.

A Face Recognition Traffic Camera

"Heart Muscle Waveform Authentication" vs. "Fingerprint"


Wearable devices require a continuous, long life, authentication scheme. AIStorm and its partner companies own the patents to this technology and are using AIS to make it work.

Gesture control

Gesture control sensors can operate in the 50mW range, but the current level of processing takes too much power for handsets or watches. AIS technology enables this function by making it usable in portable applications.

Food service automation

Freeing personnel from redundant tasks and lowering costs for consumers, AI is already redefining the food industry. AIStorm is partnered with leaders in the food equipment industry to help usher in the next generation of AI-powered products.

medical imaging diagnosis

AI-augmented medical machine diagnostics is helping the medical industry reduce errors, distribute leading techniques and bring their services to remote locations. AIS technology can help improve medical devices by improving performance and lowering costs.

Edge voice processing

Voice is a key human interface device (HID). Already cell phones and stand-alone devices offer high-performance voice solutions. However, they are often dependent upon the cloud for operation. By pushing more capability into the device, bandwidth requirements can be reduced and the technology can be used for transportation and other applications where the cloud connection may not be reliable.

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